News Skydive: Proximity Flight — New Reviews

Skydive: Proximity Flight was released in PSN on the first week of October. Here are some positive new reviews.

Kijk Online — 7.5/10
The game is challenging and it will definitely cost you time to play.

Every Eye — 7/10
Skydive: Proximity Flight is a game that relies mainly on the emotions aroused by the descents at full speed.

HC Gamer — 8/10
The wind whistling and blur the screen perfectly increase tension, making the game very thrilling.

TecnoSlave — 8/10
An innovative experience, necessary for fans of the sport and spitting a breath of fresh air in an industry choked by doing the same thing.

Try and play — 7/10
Fun and catchy, Skydive makes possible to spend evenings with your friends in challenging flights.

Visually Skydive is a success and environment creates great atmosphere.