News Skydive: Proximity Flight — Fresh Reviews

Skydive: Proximity Flight was released in PSN on the first week of October. Here are some positive new reviews.

Games Fiends — 7.5/10
Both challenging and fun, with easily mastered controls.

Push Start
Skydive: Proximity Flight is a very polished arcade, falling-with-style fun game that would do well in any Playstation or Xbox 360 collection.

The Same Coin — 3/5
Ever wanted to know what its like to dress up as Dracula and fly headlong through the Grand Canyon?

Play 3 Live — 14/20 
Skydive : Proximity Flight is a good game where the fun is essential, it is well done and beautiful.
Skydive: Proximity Flight is a surprisingly fun and entertaining game.

3rd Strike — 7.5/10
A great game that gives you full control over your flight, whoop as you swoop over treetops and hills.

Plus XP — 70/100
The panoramic views you get whilst gliding through cliff tops are a pleasure to look at, and you can really tell that the developers have taken their time when it comes to the look of the game.