News Skydive: Proximity Flight — New Reviews

Skydive: Proximity Flight was released in PSN on the first week of October. Here are some positive new reviews.

The Shelter
In short, if you are a lover of base jumping, skydiving lessons if GTA V makes you exalted or if you simply want something new, hop on the plane and I promise to never stop.

Doupě Živě — 4/5
Graphics for Gaijin Entertainment has never been a problem, so you can enjoy the endless views, beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

El Dojo Gamer — 80%
SkyDive: Proximity Flight caught me by surprise and it took 15 hours achieving an excellent effect of addiction, but once discarded and almost entirely completed, the replayability is nonexistent.

True Gamer — 9/10
Skydive is convincing not only with gameplay, but also with graphics and music.

Geek Pride — 4/5
Overall I’ve really enjoyed playing Proximity Flight – it’s great fun, and gets your heart pumping hard (especially in first person or leg-cam mode).

PS Zone — 8/10
Skydive: Proximity Flight is a good Skydiving simulation, and very fun to play. Graphics are beautiful and the game will take you to the most beautiful places on earth while you go down mountains, jump out of balloons at a crazy speed.

Hey U Guys Gaming — 4/5
And that’s about it for Skydive, it really is a game about falling, but with a little bit of style. It’s very simple and easy to play.