News Skydive: Proximity Flight — First Reviews

Skydive: Proximity Flight was released in PSN on the first week of October. Here are some positive first reviews.

PS Nation — 8.0/10 
Skydive: Proximity Flight is a surprisingly strong game tempered by the fact that it focuses exclusively on the flight itself while almost completely ignoring one of the most important parts, the landing. They do a great job giving you the sensation of gliding along, barely above the treetops at 120 miles per hour.

PSN Stores — 9/10
Skydive: Proximity Flight is the most invigorating game I've reviewed to date. In one word, it's pure awesome.

Gamerz Newz — 7.5/10 
A solid game that definitely has an audience. Might lack replay value, could be too short or there are some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun.

Die 4 Games — 8.0/10 
For a downloadable title Skydive: Proximity Flight has a lot to offer, the game is absolutely gorgeous and best of all an absolute hoot to play on.

Sustainable Gamers — 10/10 
Some mechanics in the game add to the fun immensely, though decrease the realism! Using adrenaline to increase speed, rewind time to make adjustments and perform tricks.

Big Red Barrel — 4/5 
Despite being a downloadable title, Skydive: Proximity Flight has some impressive visuals. The landscape is beautiful and unlike other flying games, as the aim is to get as close to it as possible, you get to appreciate it in all its glory.

Gaming Trend — 75/100
It can be extremely fun and there’s a real satisfaction from pulling off a difficult dive. Even with all its faults, I still recommend this game for anyone with a PlayStation Move who is interested in base jumping, or for anyone simply looking for a unique experience.

Destructoid — 7.5/10
Skydive: Proximity Flight is set to arrive at some point on the PC with Oculus Rift support, which would be really enticing. As it stands, your mileage will vary in terms of the console versions. Like a NASCAR driver that enjoys turning left, if you can see yourself soaring through the air over and over without getting bored in an hour, Skydive is your huckleberry.